Shantesh Education Society's

Smt. Vidya P Hanchinmani International School, Dharwad


Extra Curricular Activities :

The co-curriculum programme is a wide and critically important part of the education offered to each student at school. The school encourages students to develop their genuine interests and talents by getting involved in a wide range of activities. It includes athletics, cultural events, social events, intra-school group participation, Library activities, science lab activities, classroom activities, creative arts, yoga and meditation etc. Therefore, it ensures that students get to learn effectively. Science or Computer Lab practical, experiments and projects are part of co-curricular activities. By participating in these activities students will be able to discover their interests, enjoy learning more about the activities and the skills required for these activities and, at the same time, they will make friends and have fun.

Cultural activities play a key role in the overall personality development of students. Our School provides different types of cultural activities can give different exposure to students. Some of the important cultural activities in schools are:


  • Local festival celebration.                                
  • Parades.
  • Sports events.
  • Yoga and meditation.
  • Dance and music competitions.
  • Painting competitions.
  • Debates and speeches.
  • Exhibition and workshop.
  • Art , Craft , Clay and Puzzle competitions.
  • Quiz and General knowledge competitions.


These install confidence in students and foster a better understanding of the surroundings. The cultural activities also instill life skills and social skills in the students. So Smt. V. P. Hanchinmani International Residential School believes in creating strong cultural identity for its students through a wide variety of activities. They are also encouraged to exhibit their talents, by performing on several occasions like that of Republic Day, Independence Day, Children's Day, Annual Day etc.